Entrepreneurship 1

Developing the Opportunity

Entrepreneurship 2

Launching your Start-Up

Essentials of Entrepreneurship

Thinking & Action

Developing Innovative Idea for New Companies

The First Step in Entrepreneurship

help and guidance


Gateway to Malawi Business Registry

Malawi Business Registration System


Business Incubator Communities (BIC) Africa

Regional Incubator Network

Start and Improve Your Business

ILO Implementation Guide

Prototypes for Humanity

Programme and Activities from a Diverse Assembly of Innovators

Toolkits and tutorials

Write Your Business Plan Like A Pro

Old Mutual – Business Plan Guide

8 Traits That Make A Successful Entrepreneur


Toolkit for Entrepreneurs

WE RISE Toolkit

The Business Model Canvas

9 Steps to Creating a Successful Business Model – Start-Up Tips

How To: 

Business Model Canvas Explained by Sheda

How To:

Pitch a Business Idea

How To:

Pitch a Business Idea: 5 Steps

Start Your Business

ILO Manual

Start Your Business

ILO Business Plan Guide

How To:

Training manual on
entrepreneurship and canvas
business plan development

Build Your Eco-Enterprise

SEED Starter Toolkit

Agricultural Product Processing

SEED Workbook

Climate Smart Solutions

SEED Workbook

Research and Studies

Identifying the Key Challenges of Doing Business in Africa

ETK Group

Regional study on efficient and cost-effective incubation models Africa

Zantchito Entrepreneurship Deep-Dive

Regional benchmark study on sustainable and accessible Business Development Service

Zantchito Entrepreneurship Deep-Dive

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