Business incubation strengthening

Zantchito is partnering with business incubators in Malawi to build their capacities, grow their business models, and help them to transition to commercially sustainable entities. We are also working directly with selected incubators to deliver targeted and high-quality incubation support to selected idea-stage entrepreneurs.

Access Entrepreneurial and Financial Support

We are providing high-quality incubation support to idea-stage entrepreneurs across Malawi through selected growth-oriented partner incubators. The incubators have an improved capacity to deliver relevant and effective incubation services to start-ups and MSEs. Are you interested to get incubation support? Here are the partner incubators. Check current opportunities here


The LUANAR Innovation and Incubation Centre, well known by its brand name the Agribiz Hub is a university-led creative space aimed at supporting the development and growth of agribusinesses in Malawi and beyond. The centre was established with initial support from the Malawi Government, through the Jobs for Youth Programme funded by the African Development Bank. The target clients for the centre are in three categories namely startups (out of school and higher education students); micro small and medium enterprises; and researchers (to commercialise research outputs).

Mzuzu E-hub provides business development support services with a key focus on business incubation programs, technology integration programs, seed capital financing, networking events, co-working, and meeting facilities for emerging entrepreneurs. Mzuzu E-hub facilitates this through skills and knowledge transfer, information sharing, and provision of necessary resources, networks, and opportunity linkages.

We are Dzuka Africa Organization a non-profit organization based in Blantyre, our main focus is on empowering graduated youth with life and professional skills to enable them to be employable for entry level jobs and equally to be self-sustainable through Dzuka Africa’s programs namely Internship program, Entrepreneurship programs and Mentor-ship program.

NxtGen Labs is a Coding and Robotics Labs, registered as a Private Limited Company and is based in Lilongwe. NxtGen Labs is specifically focused on education and innovation around emerging technologies such as Internet-of-things, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics.

The Malawi University of Business and Applied Science (MUBAS) Incubation Centre was established in 2020 with the aim of imparting innovative and entrepreneurial skills to graduates and entrepreneurs to contribute to the social economic development of Malawi.

Development from People to People (DAPP) Malawi is a local NGO that has worked in Malawi since 1995. DAPP Malawi is a national member of the Federation Humana People to People, a network of 30 organisations engaged in international solidarity, cooperation and development in Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe. The objective of DAPP Malawi is to promote social and economic development. Through a variety of development models, DAPP complements the government’s effort in implementing the Malawi Growth and Development Strategy.

Incubator Network Platform

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10 Business Incubators

Supported by Zantchito– Entrepreneurship and Access to Finance, receiving capacity improvements to deliver relevant and effective incubation services to start-ups and MSEs.

Establishment of an active incubator network and platform
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